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Selective Coating

wax masking
In many cases there is a need to combine more than one treatment on a component in order to meet the performance requirements e.g. Hard anodising for corrosion protection with Chromated areas to allow electrical conductivity for earthing. 

This is a specialist area which is a key part of our capability and service. The techniques we use will depend on the processes that need to be combined, the size/shape and volume of components and the manufacturing route. 

In principle we need to mask certain areas while the rest of the component is treated, and then reverse the process to apply the second (or third/fourth etc!) treatment. Masking can be achieved with purpose-made hard masks, chemically-resistant paint, high temperature waxes, specialist tapes and plugs/bungs etc. 

If we can be involved at the design or specification stage we can often provide advice or options that will optimise the final finish and identify the most cost-effective options.

Acorn Surface Technology provide a wide range of processes in order help solve your problems. 



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Selective Coating





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